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How do you want to live? What is your vision for that life? Our goal at C.S. Harrop Architects is to create thoughtful and engaging design that speaks to the way you want to live.

As a practice built on the passion for quality, the work we do comes from our hearts. We endeavor to create spaces and places of character and permanence. We embrace the work of previous generations and vernacular of our region to create homes and public spaces that embody this passion.

Our goal is to create timeless spaces, which reflect the vision, the personalities and the desires of the people who will live, work and dream there. We work hand in hand with you to discover your style and use our expertise and experience to make it real and livable.


Our collaborative process is relaxed, creative and easy. We listen well and pay careful attention to the details that make each space an inviting destination, a gathering place for those who live, work or worship there.

We devote the time to  be thoughtful, to educate ourselves about who you are and what you need. Investing time in the process  ultimately makes the finished product a more satisfying and engaging place.